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Riverside steel erectors safety Program

Riverside Steel Erectors is committed to the highest standards in safety procedures and the best industry practices.  Our commitment to our employees and business partners demands that our core value is "Zero Accidents", and we have designed our safety program to ensure this.
Riverside Steel Erectors commitment starts at the top with a management team that fully supports and demands our safety program be executed by all Riverside Steel Erectors employees. All key members of our onsite team are required to carry a 10 hour OSHA safety card along with a first-aid card.
The management of RSE has experience in training other companies in onsite safety.  The RSE  management team communicates our safety standards and policies from the first day of employment  in the new-hire orientation.  We analyze every job and have the ability to use many different safety tools  to ensure  a safe and effective work environment.  Some of the tools we have to choose from are;  daily safety meetings, weekly training sessions, and a Job Hazard Analysis Program.
In addition, our Safety Program includes all of the following...

  • A Trained, and Highly Dedicated Safety Officer
  • Mandatory use of Safety Equipment
  • Random Drug and Alcohol testing
  • Site Specific Safety Plans
  • Accident Prevention Program and Investigation Procedures
  • Chemical Hazard Communication Program
  • Fire Prevention Program 
  • First aid Trained Personnel
  • Annual Foreman Update Training
  • Safety Pre-Construction Meetings
  • Project Audits by Third Party Entities to Verify Safety Compliance
  • Stretch and Flex Program to Reduce Employee Injuries and Improve Overall Health
  • All Key Team Members Carry a 10 hour Safety Course Card and First-Aid Card

We value the lives of our employees, co-workers, and their families.  We have a driven dedication to implementing every element of our safety program in the most efficient way possible.  Every member of the company, led by management,  takes on an individual  responsibility for our continuing successful safety efforts.  As a result our customers and clients are satisfied and secure knowing our company is implementing a well founded and structured safety program.

Safety is not an option but a responsibility